Lexus teases new EV concept with yoke steering wheel

Earlier this week Lexus released a short teaser video of their electric vehicle (EV) concept car that they plan to unveil on March 30.

Those first images showed us the headlights and taillights of the EV, and glimpses of the outline of the exterior in silhouette.

Now the automaker has released another teaser video, this time giving us a very clear shot of one of the interior features – a yoke steering wheel.

The short 18-second video first gives us an overhead shot of the EV. From this view we can see it will have dual motors and what appears to be a 2+2 configuration with smaller rear seats that are likely to only fit small children.

Lexus EV configuration

The video then shifts to the interior where we get a close up of a yoke steering wheel. Unlike the yoke steering wheel found in the refresh Model S/X, this one appears to have at least one stalk.

Lexus hasn’t revealed much information about the EV concept other than what we have seen in these teaser images and videos. We will learn more on March 30th at 7:00 pm JST when the automaker does a full reveal.

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