Modified Tesla Model S Plaid with active rear spoiler spotted at Nürburgring

Just over a month after setting a new EV lap record at the famed Nürburgring race track in Germany in a completely stock Model S Plaid, Tesla has returned with a new modified version of the world’s fastest car.

The biggest change is a familiar one – the return of the active rear spoiler. This rear spoiler was first spotted this summer at Laguna Seca when Tesla was testing the now-cancelled Plaid+ variant, keeping hopes alive that it might not actually be cancelled after all.

Image via Teslaratiplaid

Spotted by our friends over at Teslarati, this particular Model S was finished in blue, and also featured several other upgrades – drilled brakes, a front splitter, and new wheels.

According to Teslarati, there were two other Model S Plaids at the race track today, a red one and a black one, but were not outfitted with the active spoiler. However they did have the other upgrades, likely part of what may be a future ‘track pack’ offering by Tesla.

These other two Plaid cars can be seen in this photo taken at the track on Tuesday.

Tesla Germany

It is unclear if Tesla is attempting to set another EV lap record with a modified car. CEO Elon Musk did say after they set the record last month that that would be their next step.

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