Rivian ships the first R1T manual Tonneau Covers

After a significant delay, Rivian has finally started to ship the first manual Tonneau covers for the R1T.

The original automatic Tonneau, which shipped on early builds of the R1T, was plagued with issues. In response, Rivian promised to find a solution for owners while removing the option to order the cover from the site. After months of waiting, Rivian gave customers an option of a manual cover that cost $1,800, or nothing at all.

Well, for those who opted for the manual cover, the good news is that Rivian is finally shipping the long-promised manual cover.

Thanks to an R1T owner on Reddit, we have our first glimpses, and it comes as advertised by RJ Scaringe just a few weeks ago. It comes with a zipper case that weighs in at 42lbs and fits into the gear tunnel. The entire cover is a set of four interlocking aluminum panels with plastic end pieces.

So far, so good, and per posters on Reddit, it looks like the Tonneau cover is doing its job. According to the owner it appears to provide a good seal as the “rubber gasket on last panel seems to have a good fit against the tailgate.” However, with a price tag of $1,800, the Rivian Tonneau better work well as aftermarket covers that look and feel similar are selling for around $600.

If you have an R1T and ordered a Tonneau, let us know your experience with it and send over some pics. We would love to see it in action!

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