Michelin to expand Nova Scotia plant to produce EV tires

The Federal Government, Nova Scotia Government and Michelin jointly announced a $300 million expansion of Michelin’s Bridgewater plant. The funding secures the 1,200 jobs at the Bridgewater Michelin plant and will also see an additional 70 jobs created in the region.

Per the announcement, the plant will expand its footprint and start the production of EV-specific tires. The expansion will also help the Bridgewater plant cut emissions through electrification. The plant retrofit and expansion should come online in 2025.

Michelin also confirmed that some funds would flow to the Michelin plants in Pictou and Waterville in Nova Scotia.

As part of the trilateral agreement:

  • Michelin will spend $140 million
  • The Government of Canada will fund $44.3 million through the Strategic Innovation Fund
  • The Government of Nova Scotia will provide a provincial tax credit worth $61.3 million over five years.

Currently, Michelin produces the Pilot family of tires designed for high performance and durability. It also has the Pilot Sport EV designed explicitly for EV use. It is unclear if the Bridgewater facility will produce these tires or a new version.

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