Tesla brings seven-seat Model Y back to Canada at new lower price

Canadians can once again order the Model Y in a seven-seat configuration. Not only has the option been added back, it is now available at a lower price than before.

The option to add a third row to the Model Y was removed last year after Tesla switched to importing cars from China, instead of bringing them up from California. The option actually wasn’t removed as soon as Tesla added the Model Y RWD from Giga Shanghai to the Canadian version of the website, but almost a month later. At the same time, Tesla added discounts to Model Ys with seven seats in existing inventory in an apparent attempt to clear out the last remaining inventory.

When it was removed it was a $5,300 option, but that price has been reduced to $4,000 with its return. As before, the option is not available on the Performance variant, and also not available on the entry-level Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) version either.

As you can also see from the image above, it is also only available with the black interior. When you select the white interior option, the button to select the seven-seat configuration disappears.

While Tesla brought back the Model Y seven-seat to Canada at a new lower price, the option saw an increase in the US, now priced at $3,000 (+$500).

Were you waiting for the Model Y seven-seat to return to Canada? Let us know in the comments below.

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