Mexican president confirms Tesla interested in setting up facility in two potential states

Tesla is interested in setting up a facility in Mexico in two different states, according to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. On Wednesday López Obrador said the Texas-based automaker will end up in either the states of Nuevo Leon or Hidalgo.

López Obrador made the comments at a press conference on Wednesday when asked about Tesla’s plans in the country, backing up statements made by other high level government officials over the past weeks that Tesla is considering setting up a facility in the country. (via Reuters)

We have known that Tesla was eyeing Nuevo Leon, a province which shares its northern border with Texas, since late last year when reports emerged that the company was about to make an announcement of a new Gigafactory in the area. Those reports were a little premature however as they suggested the deal was all but done and an announcement was going to happen within a few days.

Then in January it was confirmed by Emmanuel Loo, the deputy secretary of economic development for Nuevo Leon, that no deal had been signed yet.

A few weeks later it became evident that Tesla wasn’t only looking at Nuevo Leon for a potential plant as Mexican presidential spokesman Jesus Ramirez confirmed Tesla was considering setting up the assembly plant near Mexico City’s new Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA), which is located in the state of Hidalgo.

Tesla has yet to comment on its expansion plans in Mexico, although an official announcement could be coming soon, according to Mexico’s Foreign Affairs Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

Tesla isn’t planning to expand in just Mexico. The automaker is also still considering Canada for a potential facility, with Quebec and Ontario being the leading contenders based on lobbying activities and job postings by the company last year.

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