Mazda reports just 23 sales of their all-electric MX-30 in June 2022

Mazda MX-30

Many Mazda fans were excited when the Japanese automaker announced they were finally coming out with an all-electric vehicle in the form of the MX-30. That was until they saw the specs of the electric crossover, specifically its range (161km/100 miles) and its price (starting at $42,150 CAD/$33,470 USD).

The poor specs and high price translated to just 55 of the EVs selling in North America in November 2021, the first month it was available.

Unfortunately for Mazda, the stats haven’t improved since then. According to their June sales report, just 23 MX-30’s were sold last month.

That is down from the previous month when 35 units were sold, and significantly off their all-time record month of 101 sales in March.

The low level of demand brings their year-to-date (YTD) sales of the MX-30 to just 316 units.

It is difficult to tell what Mazda was thinking bringing out their first EV with such a high price and such a low range, but its clear it wasn’t a serious attempt at their first EV.

In fact the automaker believes the MX-30 is the perfect second car and that owners will have a gas-powered car for longer trips.

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