Lucid Motors is hiring for 14 different jobs in China

China is too big a market for most EV makers to ignore. The latest international auto company to set up shop in the Asian country is Lucid Motors, which has published more than a dozen job postings in China.

Lucid advertised 14 jobs in China on its website, all based in Shanghai. The job descriptions include hardware engineering, supply chain, retail, logistics, digital, and legal.

The job postings do not say how many people Lucid is employing. However, prospective candidates are required to understand English in addition to Chinese. They should also have two or more years of experience working with Chinese companies, CnEVPost reports.

The engineering positions include Sr. Product Manager, China Introduction, Product Manager, Public Charging – China, and Product Manager, Residential Charging – China. The senior product manager is expected to have no less than seven years of experience.

They will be responsible for the product’s development cycle.

One clue as to Lucid’s intention is that three of the jobs are related to localization, hinting the American company is bringing its cars to China.

Meanwhile, Lucid’s CEO Peter Rawlinson had said his company would open a factory in China in ‘mid-decade.’

Lucid entered the EV market with a high-end model, the Air, much like Tesla. It will be hoping to emulate its local rival’s runaway success in China. While that would be a tall order, it appears Lucid is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep up the number of its pre-orders.

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