LG looking to make 4680 battery cells for Tesla in 2023

LG Energy Solutions aims to build Tesla 4680-cells by 2023. To support this, LG is considering potential production sites in both Europe and the United States.

The new potential production sites would produce the 4680 cells for the next generation of Tesla vehicles. Rumours have swirled that Tesla would bring battery production in-house.

Tesla 4680 battery cell

However, this has not stopped LG and Panasonic to move forward with 4680 production plans. From unconfirmed reports, Panasonic will start a 4680 test line at its Japanese-based plant in April 2021.

The 4680-cell project is complex, and sources believe LG will move quickly to secure a plant location to meet their targets.

Currently, LG is a supplier of the 2170 battery cells used on the Model 3 and Model Y produced at Giga Shanghai. As well, LG has a $2.3 billion joint-venture with General Motors to produce pouch-type EV batteries in Ohio.

Both LG and Tesla have not commented on these rumours. As per Tesla sources, the company has yet to agree to expand the current deal with LG.

Source: Reuters

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