Lucid announces massive expansion of Arizona factory

Lucid has announced a significant expansion of its Advanced Manufacturing Plant (AMP-1) in Casa Grande, Arizona. This expansion marks a crucial step in the company’s growth strategy as it prepares to launch the Lucid Gravity SUV and future vehicle models.

According to the announcement, the expansion will more than quadrupled the size of the facility, adding approximately 3 million square feet to the existing 850,000 square feet, bringing its total size to over 3.85 million square feet.

The expanded facility will house a new General Assembly line, Quality and Semi-Knock Down (SKD) centers, expanded Body and Paint shops, and a relocated Logistics center. Additionally, it will include an upgraded and expanded Powertrain facility.

Another key feature of the expansion is the incorporation of what the company calls one of the most advanced stamping facilities in the world, which is set to start operations later in 2024.

In just a few short years, the Lucid team has evolved our manufacturing footprint into one of the few highly integrated electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the U.S. This expanded state-of-the-art plant will bring greater operational efficiency to our manufacturing process and allow us to continue to deliver our high-quality, groundbreaking electric vehicles to our customers.

Steven David, SVP of Operations at Lucid

The expansion comes at a time when Lucid has been struggling to both build and sell their cars. In 2023 Lucid produced 8,428 vehicles, well off their original target of as many as 14,000 EVs, while selling only 6,001 Air sedans. With production continuing to outpace deliveries, the luxury EV automaker has accumulated a stockpile of over 5,400 Air sedans that have been built but not yet sold since production started in 2021.

Next up for Lucid is the Gravity SUV, which is expected to have over 440 miles (708km) of range and acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 second. The exact price and sale date remain under wraps, but the Gravity will start under US$80,000. Production is set to begin later this year.

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