Photo of GMC Hummer EV leaked ahead of tonight’s unveiling

General Motors is set to unveil their highly anticipated Hummer electric vehicle tonight during the World Series. We now have a good idea of the final design after an unmasked image of the truck was leaked online.

The image, which comes from an online ad and was posted to the Hummer Chat forum, shows a white electric Hummer that looks a lot like the previous iterations of the iconic truck.

GMC Hummer EV leak Image via Oakwood /HummerChat

As you can see from the photo, the electric Hummer continues the legacy of a boxy design and poor aerodynamics, something that will surely hurt its range.

Update: here is a better image

The utility of the truck is also in question, as the rear bed looks extremely short. This isn’t really new as the automaker has published several silhouettes of the vehicle over the past year.

GMC Hummer EV 1

The automaker has been revealing small pieces of information about the Hummer EV since it was announced earlier this year. The most recent was a teaser video of a new feature called ‘Crab Mode’. When activated, all four wheels on the truck turn at the same time allowing you to drive diagonally just like, you guessed it, a crab.

We’ll learn more about the Hummer EV tonight at 5pm PST (8pm EST).

h/t: @DirtyTesla

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