Lincoln to launch first EV in 2022

Lincoln logo

In coordination with Lincoln’s 100th birthday, the American manufacture plans to launch its first EV next year. Ford is the builder of the architecture of the new Lincoln EV. The two new platforms allow Lincoln to produce sedans, smaller SUVs and pickups.

The original architecture that Lincoln announced was built by Rivian. In Aprile 2020, Lincoln announced they would no longer use the Rivian skateboard platform, but the partnership remains.

Lincoln confirmed that the new EV platform would join the Aviator and Corsair plug-in hybrid models. However, the auto manufacture did not confirm what model the new EV will take.

Lincoln EV

Lincoln further shared information on the goals for the interior of the EV. According to the release, the design is minimalistic, and they hope to create a sanctuary and airy feel within the vehicle.

In addition, the vehicle has advanced driver-assist features, which includes hands-free driving on specific highways.

Lincoln did not confirm cost, trims or any other details on this new EV. However, with a 2022 release date, Lincoln is on track to help Ford meet their zero-emissions vehicle goals!

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