Ford to have two new EV platforms by 2025: Report

Ford Mach-E

Tomorrow Ford is expected to announce they are developing two new EV platforms. The first will be one for full-size trucks and SUVs, the other for cars and smaller SUVs. Both are targeted to be in production by 2025.

This announcement comes as Ford plays catch-up to Tesla, Volkswagen, and General Motors in the race to EVs.

The dedicated platforms create a common architecture for Ford vehicles. This means that Ford can now share chassis components, battery packs and even electric motors to simplify the supply chain. Plus, if done right, this common architecture should reduce the cost of the supply chain as well.

The announcement is expected to come during the investor event. Alongside the EV platform announcement, the company will provide more details on its battery strategy and its goals for EV, commercial and self-driving vehicles.

Ford delivered their first EV, the Mustang Mach-E, earlier this year, built on the GE platform. The GE2 is currently in design and will debut in mid-2023. The GE2 will underpin the new Ford and Lincoln SUVs if rumours are correct.

Source: Reuters

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