Carwow tests the Model 3 Line-up via drag race

Carwow recently did a side by side test of the Tesla Model 3 line-up. The testing was between the Performance, Long Range and Standard Range Plus models.

Carwow ended up testing the three vehicles via a drag race in the UK. They tested the last years model of the Long Range as it did not have many upgrades compared to the newest model. For the Performance and Standard Range Plus, they used the latest model.

All vehicles had the same options for the test. This included the acceleration, steering mode and regenerative braking, all standard. The stopping mode was on hold, and all the batteries were near to full-charge.

The standard drag race of ¼ mile delivered expected results both with a stopped start and a rolling start at 30 MPH. The Performance won by a few car lengths over the Long-Range and the standard Range Plus was far behind. However, in the rolling start at 50 MPH and 70 MPH, the Long Range actually outperformed the Performance and Standard Range Plus.

Given that you can purchase a Long Range with a performance boost, it might be the best bang for your buck in pure speed and acceleration for the Tesla 3 line-up.

You can check out the video from Carwow below.

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