Latest videos of Enhanced Summon on V10 show big improvements

Now that V10 has been available to Early Access Program (EAP) owners for a while now, we are starting to see videos emerge of the new Enhanced Summon in action.

According to the notes in the beta release sent to EAP owners, the feature works up to 47 metres (150 feet) from the car. Earlier videos of the earlier versions of Enhanced Summon were impressive, but the vehicle definitely lacked the speed and refinement necessary for roll-out to the general public.

The latest video by Youtuber Inside Tesla (please don’t shoot videos in portrait mode!), shows a Tesla Model 3 navigating driverless through a busy, and then not-so-busy parking lot. As you can see from watching the video, the car handled the situation with much faster and with more confidence than we’ve seen in previous versions (Tesla CEO Elon Musk even said previous versions sucked).

Whether we’ll see Enhanced Summon in Canada remains to be seen, as regulations limit the current Summon feature to just a few feet away from the car, effectively rendering Enhanced Summon useless.

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