Tesla to continue Foundation Series Cybertruck deliveries through late 2024

Tesla has announced it plans to continue delivering Foundation Series Cybertrucks late into 2024, somewhat contradicting statements from CEO Elon Musk who said recently that production of the Foundation Series was going to end soon.

During the 2024 Annual Shareholder Meeting last month in Texas, Musk said Tesla will end Foundation Series production “pretty soon,” with non-Foundation Series production slated to start sometime in the third quarter, between July and September.

This was an important announcement because it would mean the end of the US$20,000 premium that Foundation Series Cybertrucks carry, and the start of “regular” pricing for the Dual Motor Cybertruck at US$79,990 and tri-motor Cyberbeast at US$99,990.

However, it appears as though Musk may have been a little optimistic with his timelines, based on a new change to the wording of emails sent to Cybertruck reservation holders.

In the email, which is sent to customers inviting them to configure their Cybertruck, Tesla says, “…due to continued high demand, we expect to deliver only the Foundation Series through late 2024.”

At first glance this appears to not mesh with Musk’s statements from just a few weeks ago, but Tesla could still end Foundation Series production, and begin regular production, in the third quarter. Currently Tesla is producing upwards of 1,300 Cybertrucks every week, as also announced during the Annual Shareholder Meeting last month.

If Tesla were to end Foundation Series production in the final week of the third quarter, they would still have a couple of thousand Cybertrucks to deliver, and those deliveries would stretch well into the fourth quarter due to the simple logistics of moving them around the country to Delivery Centers.

Another important consideration here is that gives Canadians a glimmer of hope that they might be able to get a Foundation Series Cybertruck. The Cybertruck is still not approved for sale in Canada, and with the end of Foundation Series production on the horizon, time is running out for Canadians who want to pay the higher price tag.

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