Latest V10 software update includes Spotify integration (and more)

Lucky Tesla owners this morning are receiving the latest V10 software update, and with it a bunch of brand new features. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said this update would be pushed to FSD owners this week in the US only, but we are hearing reports that owners in Canada are receiving this update as well.

One of the highly anticipated feature requests has been Spotify integration. The EU market has had this for a while, but due to the contract with the current streaming music platform Slacker, North American markets had to wait for that to end. It appears now that the time has come. The only requirement is you must have a Spotify Premium account. Check out the release notes below for more info on other features.

Other features in this release include Homelink integration in the Tesla smartphone app, and the rear cam is now included in the recordings for TeslaCam.

Let us know in the comments if any of our readers in Canada have received 2019.32.10.

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