Las Vegas taxi service ‘Kaptyn’ introducing hundreds of Tesla’s to their fleet

Tesla vehicles are extremely cheap to operate. From the low price of electricity, to the almost no maintenance required, we’re seeing more and more instances of taxi companies and other transportation services adding Tesla’s to their fleets.

Most recently, a Canadian taxi service, Current Taxi, expanded their service to Victoria, BC by adding up to 15 Tesla’s to their fleet. Now the latest to join the craze is Kaptyn, a Las Vegas based taxi service, is introducing 30 new Tesla Model S, 3, and X vehicles to their fleets.

Kaptyn currently has over 1,400 vehicles in their fleet after recent acquisitions of three other transportations services in the area late last year. By the time their plan to add Tesla vehicles is fully rolled out next month, they plan to have hundreds of Tesla’s in their fleet.

Kaptyn has already started giving their ‘Driver partners’ (aka taxi drivers) orientation sessions on how to operate the new Tesla’s. “We’ve been all hands on deck with that, we have about 100 drivers and chauffeurs trained for the Tesla fleet of our service offering,” Kaptyn CEO Andrew Meyers told Las Vegas Review Journal.

At first, the Tesla’s will be stationed at McCarran International Airport, with both walk-up service as well as having greeters in baggage claim areas attempting to get new customers. Once the full expansion has happened in February, a new mobile app will be released allowing you to pre-book a ride for your trip to Vegas.

I know whenever I visit a city that has a Tesla taxi service, we always make an effort to use them first. Next time we’re in Vegas, it will be no different.

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