The Porsche Taycan is named ‘best electric car in the world’ by The Sun

The Porsche Taycan has only just been released, but it has already been called the best electric car in the world by Rob Gill of The Sun, a tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom.

To make that proclamation, Gill took the ‘cheap’ 4S version of the Taycan out for a spin and came back suitably impressed. He mentions that while the 4S is the slowest Model in the Taycan lineup, it is the one to get as it hits the sweet spot of price and speed.

Yes, the Turbo S adds more power you can’t use, more equipment you don’t really need and, of course, the all-important badging on its bum.

Gill does bring up the Tesla Model S in his review, and does give it praise as still being the fastest EV, and that the Supercharger network is the best of the best. But he believes after driving the 4S that it is “almost perfect’.

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It appears as though he is mainly interested in the performance and handling of the Taycan 4S, which as I’m sure anyone who has driven one will attest to, does a very good job at that. But what is equally important for any electric vehicle, and something that he appears to dismiss, is efficiency and range. What’s the point of an EV that can go 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds, if it only has a 20km range?

I want fun and engagement before efficiency and using flappy paddles to increase regen and slow for a corner — like changing down gears — is the new way of driving.

The Taycan Turbo has been given an official EPA rating of just 323km (201 miles), while the Turbo S fares even worse at 308km (192 miles). Gill does recommend purchasers go for the bigger ‘Performance Plus’ 93kWh battery, instead of the standard 79kWh battery pack in the 4S.

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