Take a look inside Gigafactory Shanghai as first deliveries are about to happen

The first official deliveries to the public of made-in-China Model 3’s will happen in a few hours, with Elon Musk on hand at a ceremony at Gigafactory Shanghai. As the historic moment is about to unfold, Tesla China released this video showing us a glimpse of the inside of the new factory.

The video is short, but provides an interesting look at just how much work was completed during the 9 month construction phase. We also get to see that the factory floor looks clean enough to eat off of.

In the video we see different part of the production process. At one point, we get to see what we assume to be the factory workers testing out the sensors in the new vehicles with a series of large screens with black circled dots at various heights and distances from the car.

Tesla Model 3 sensor testing

We also get to see testing of the charge port, and a good look at the dual charge port available for the Chinese market.

Tesla China Model 3 charge ports

You can check out the full video below.

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