Job posting suggests Rivian deliveries in Canada might begin soon

After a difficult first few months of production, Rivian seems to be hitting its stride and is beginning to deliver more R1S and R1T electric vehicles (EVs). In Q2 2022 the automaker handed over 4,467 R1S and R1T trucks and SUVs to new customers, compared to just 1,227 in Q1.

Despite the increase in deliveries, none have taken place in Canada since the start of production in September 2021.

However, a newly published job posting on Rivian’s Careers website suggests that might soon change.

Rivian is currently looking for a Vehicle Registration Operations Specialist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

According to the job description and as the name implies, the successful candidate will be responsible for helping customers to register new vehicles in Canada.

“As a Vehicle Registration Operations Specialist, you will either directly execute or indirectly facilitate vehicle registration and vehicle licence applications on behalf of Rivian customers, ensuring a seamless customer experience,” the job posting reads.

Starting deliveries in B.C.  makes sense as the province has the highest rate of EV adoption in North America, and earlier this year began hiring for the first Service Center in Canada in Vancouver, later confirming it was scheduled to open this fall.

Before deliveries can take place however, Rivian will need to receive Transport Canada certification. In its most recent 10-K filing in March, the automaker said it hoped to be able to complete Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) testing by September 2022.

Some of the testing that would be involved includes ensuring the EVs have the appropriate “telltales, speedometer units of measure, certain labels, immobilizer requirements for anti-theft, and pass-by noise standards.”

If they do begin soon, Canadian deliveries will be well behind Rivian’s original plans which called for them to begin in November 2021.

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