Job posting hints at start of Giga Berlin factory tours

A new job posting suggests Tesla is preparing to launch factory tours at one of their newest factories, Giga Berlin. Tesla used to offer tours to owners at their Fremont factory in California, but suspended the tradition after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

The job posting is looking for someone to take on the role of ‘Content and Programs Associate’ at Giga Berlin. The job title doesn’t reveal much, but a closer look at the job description shows one of the main responsibilities will be creating and leading “engaging and informative factory tour experiences at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.”

This role will primarily focus on factory tours, interact with various stakeholders within and outside the company, and assist the work of the Content and Programs Team on site in Berlin. The Content and Programs Associate will be at the forefront of enabling engaging and informative factory tour experiences at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. This includes but is not limited to leading tours, presenting compelling content to a broad audience, planning and executing events, and interacting with various stakeholders, both public and internal. This is a hands-on position that encompasses all aspects of a people facing role, with a particular affinity for storytelling and presentation. (h/t: u/allhands)

The job description doesn’t explicitly state who these tours will be open to, whether it will be only to owners like before, or include the general public and shareholders as well. It does however say that the Content and Programs Associate will “manage tour requests and bookings,” specifically referring to it as a “factory tour program.”

They should have no problem creating a factory tour as an extensive one was provided at the opening of the factory last year. You can watch that tour here.

As for factory tours in the US we reviewed Tesla’s Careers website for a similar job posting but were unable to find any.  That doesn’t mean they won’t be restarting in the case of Fremont, or launching in Giga Texas. In fact we expected them to begin again at Fremont in 2021 after CEO Elon Musk said in a July tweet they will “probably” be restarting in a few months.

The tours used to be available at no cost to any Tesla owner once per year, and were a popular choice for road-tripping owners from Canada. Four tours were offered daily from Monday to Friday, with each one lasting about 60 minutes. Owners were guided through parts of the factory in an electric cart/trolley, similar to what is used for tours at places like Disney Land and Universal Studios.

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