Tesla Powerwall installations double in 18 months to 500,000 worldwide

Tesla’s Energy division, one of the most underrated and often overlooked segments of the company, has been growing rapidly over the last few years. One piece of the Energy division is the Powerwall, Tesla’s home energy storage solution, which has seen its numbers double in just over one and a half years.

Tesla has offered several models of the Powerwall since its introduction in April 2015. Growth was relatively slow initially, with Tesla saying it had reached 100,000 Powerwall installations in April 2020, five years after the product’s launch. Since then, growth has been anything but slow as it took just one more year to double that number and reach 200,000 installations globally by May 2021.

The last update on the number of installations came six months later in November 2021 when it was announced that figure had reached 250,000. In the eighteen or so months since then, that number has doubled yet again, with Tesla announcing this week there are now 500,000 Powerwall installations around the world. Interestingly the tweet has since been deleted, but here’s what it said before it was taken down.

Tesla is expected launch the next iteration of its Powerwall very soon. Called Powerwall 3, the new unit is expected to house Prismatic lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells. This will make Powerwall 3 cheaper to produce, and follows the same change Tesla made with their utility-scale Megapack system last year (and the Model 3 RWD before that). Tesla has already applying to have Powerwall 3 approved and certified with some utility companies in the US, with some of those utility companies already certifying it.

Canadians are still unable to order the Powerwall directly from Tesla, but for some time we have been able to order them through certified third-party installers. Not many people knew about this, so the company recently started highlighting this by adding a ‘Request Powerwall’ button to their website, which takes you to a form to be connected with a nearby installer.

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