GMC Hummer EV revealed – big price tag and a big wait

General Motors tonight finally took the wraps off their highly anticipated Hummer electric vehicle in a livestream event.

The automaker announced it was bringing the iconic truck back from the dead during the Super Bowl earlier this year. Since then, GM has released pieces of information about the electric truck, like its removable roof panels and ‘Crab Mode’, but we now have a full picture of what owners will get.

Price & Availability

The question almost everyone wanted answered was how much the Hummer EV was going to cost. The original gas-powered Hummers weren’t cheap, and the electric version continues the trend.

The most expensive variant will be the Hummer EV Edition 1, priced as $112,595 USD ($147,750 CAD). According to the GMC website it is already sold out, it will be the earliest to arrive in fall 2021.

Next to arrive in the fall of 2022 will be the Hummer EV3X priced at $99,995 USD ($131,200 CAD), followed by the Hummer EV2X in the spring of 2023 at $89,995 USD ($118,090 CAD).

The last variant to arrive will be the base model Hummer EV² in the spring of 2024, priced at $79,995 USD ($104,970 CAD).


The Hummer EV Edition 1 and Hummer EV3X will both come in the most powerful tri-motor configurations. The most expensive Edition 1 will feature the much-touted 1,000 horsepower, 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, and an estimated 350+ mile range.

The Hummer EV² and Hummer EV2X will feature dual-motors and offer either 250+ or 300+ miles of range respectively.

Considering it will be at least 4 years until we see the EV², those specs (along with that price tag!) could be severely behind the rest of the market by the time it finally arrives.


We already had a pretty good idea what the Hummer EV looked like thanks to a leak earlier today. It definitely builds on the legacy of the original trucks with a boxy design, but with a more modern twist.

Unsurprisingly it will come with everyone’s favourite feature of an EV, a frunk!

You can check out the GMC website for more information on the Hummer EV. Below are some photos and the full video of the unveiling.



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