BMW to implement subscription based features through its ConnectedDrive Store

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) is built with many of the same ‘Premium’ interior features of the Long Range and Performance Model 3’s. Things like the rear heated seats are physically installed, but software locked and not available to be turned on in the SR+.

Earlier this year Tesla introduced a paid upgrade feature where SR+ owners could purchase the option to turn on the rear heated seats for $400 CAD.

Now BMW is contemplating a similar subscription based feature, where owners can pick and choose which features they want turned on, and for how long.

As part of its expansion of the ConnectedDrive Store, the German automaker has announced that features like heated seats, a heated steering wheel, or adaptive cruise control can be purchased through the store via a subscription.

BMW ConnectedDrive Update

That subscription could be changed at any time, giving owners the flexibility to turn features on and off as they please. Don’t want heated seats or a heated steering wheel in the summer? Unsubscribe. Going on a road trip and want adaptive cruise control. Subscribe.

While there are certainly some benefits to this model, there are also drawbacks. With several models of BMW vehicles topping $100,000, some may be annoyed at having to pay extra for features they believe should come standard with the car.

Other features in the ConnectedDrive Store will not be subscription based, like purchasing a new fake engine sound through BMW’s IconicSounds Sport selection. BMW also lists its adaptive M Suspension as a followup “digital feature”.

The prices of some of the features available for purchase through the ConnectedDrive Store aren’t cheap. Want real time traffic information? $75 per year please. Remote engine start? Another $550. Want the latest map? Fork over another $75 each year.

All of a sudden, that $15 per month for Premium Connectivity doesn’t sound all that bad.

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