Hydro-Québec announces purchase of 7,500 Level 2 EV chargers from FLO

Hydro-Québec, owners of the Electric Circuit EV charging network, has announced today the purchase of 7,500 Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) chargers from Quebec-based FLO.

The purchase represents the single largest order ever received by FLO, and builds upon the relationship between the two companies that first began in 2013.

“We are pleased to expand our longstanding relationship with FLO, especially at a time when the world as a whole, and Quebeckers in particular, are rapidly shifting to electric vehicles,” said France Lampron, Director – E-Mobility at Hydro-Québec.

According to a press release, 3,000 of the chargers will be public curbside chargers, 2,000 will for Hydro-Québec’s fleet of EVs, and 2,500 will be installed for businesses and municipalities.

All 7,500 chargers will be installed between 2022 and 2026.

Since 2013 FLO has provided Hydro-Québec with approximately 4,500 chargers that have been installed across the province. Approximately 3,800 of those have been Level 2 chargers, with the remaining 700 being DC fast chargers.

This new order will nearly double that amount over the next four years.

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