Google Maps Unveils EV-Friendly Update for Canada

Google has announced that its AI-powered Google Maps is getting an electric vehicle (EV) friendly update in Canada.

The latest update will bring two significant changes to the application for users. First, it will provide a new and improved map to make the app more immersive and visually appealing. Secondly, it will add detailed EV charging station information for Android and iOS users.

The new and improved map will have an immersive View for Routes feature that will be released in Canada in the near future. The feature will give users access to a multidimensional view with turn-by-turn directions and a slider that will allow you to simulate traffic and weather along your route. Google Canada did not confirm what cities are included in the initial launch, but we would assume it would copy other features such as Lens and come to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal first.

While for EV drivers, the new map feature you will quickly love is detailed EV charging station information. The information includes if a specific charger is compatible with your vehicle and speed information about specific chargers. In addition, the new feature will also note if a charger is broken and will locate a nearby charger for you if you recently charged there.

According to a blog post on the company’s website, the new Google Maps update will roll out this week.

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