GM announces a 2nd Chevrolet Bolt EV recall


General Motors officially recalled some older Chevrolet Bolt’s due to persistent battery problems leading to fires. Until completing repairs, Bolt owners should park their vehicles outdoors, limit charging to 90%, and not deplete their batteries below 70 miles of range.

Further to this, the release asks owners to avoid charging overnight and to ensure that vehicles park outside after charging.

This is the second recall on the Chevrolet Bolt regarding the same issue. The latest recall is due to two supposedly fixed vehicles which caught fire in the last couple of months.

In response, GM can replace any defective battery modules and may replace the whole battery pack. However, GM believes that the number of vehicles affected by this latest bug is likely to be small.

In addition, not all Bolts fall under the recall. Owners of some 2019 Bolts and those from 2020 and 2021 are not included in the recall. GM notes that owners need to take their vehicles into a dealership for the fix and handle issue cases on a case-by-case basis.

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