Tesla owner issues plea for help to get his stranded Model Y out of Yellowstone

A Tesla owner has issued a plea for help after a road in Yellowstone National Park was washed away leaving his Model Y stranded with no way to get out.

Twitter user Jacob Showers (@ShowersJacob) shared his predicament on Twitter, saying that the only way to rescue his car is for it to be helicoptered out.

The other option is to wait more than a year before the roads can be repaired, by which time the battery in the electric SUV will surely be dead, not to mention the fact it will be exposed to the harsh elements and be completely buried under snow this winter.


In an interview with Fox31, Showers said he was hiking the Beaten Path trail when the area began to flood. After returning to his car, he discovered the only road out was flooded to the point where he could no longer drive over it.

He then decided to stay the night in the area, expecting the waters to recede and that it would be passable the next morning. Except the opposite happened, and the road washed away overnight.

Showers wasn’t alone, as about 60 other people had to be rescued by a Chinook helicopter two days later, leaving behind his Model Y and about 15 other cars.

Interestingly, Showers has already spoken with his insurance agent, who apparently said there was nothing they could do for him, leaving him with no options other than to hope someone might be able to help him get his car helicoptered out of the area.

If anyone reading this has any other suggestions, you can reach out to him on Twitter (@ShowersJacob), or let us know in the comments below and we can pass the information along.

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