MKBHD brands new Tesla Model 3 a ‘mini Model S’

If you follow everything tech, you will likely know Marques Brownlee, popularly known as MKBHD. As a regular reviewer of tech products, he has taken the new Model 3, aka Model 3 Highland, for a spin and concluded it is a mini Model S.

US owners have just recently joined their fellow Tesla buyers in other parts of the world in taking deliveries of their updated Model 3, which the American EV maker recently refreshed. One of the earliest non-Tesla affiliated drivers to sit behind the steering wheel of the Model 3 Highland in the US is MKBHD, and he has offered his first impressions about the Standard trim of the new car after about a week of testing.

According to the tech reviewer, the new Model 3 has undergone a front redesign with a mention of the “new distinctive angular headlights” and slightly lower nose, giving it a look befitting a flagship car. MKBHD added that the interior reminded him of the more powerful and expensive Model S. He praised the “build quality refinement – quitter ride, better suspension, etc.”

The new Model 3 is also more aerodynamic, which should net users a bit more driving range. MKBHD also claims the new car has averaged “well under 300 watt-hours per mile.”

Other new features and upgrades mentioned by MKBHD are “slightly updated wheels,” taillights and Tesla logo on the back, door seal, controls on the steering wheel, Alcantara finishing, more responsive screen, etc.

You can watch the whole review below:

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