Giga Berlin production improves to 3,000 Model Y per week

Giga Berlin hit another major milestone last week when the factory produced three thousand Model Y’s in a single week.

Giga Berlin reached their new high watermark just days after Giga Texas achieved the same milestone, also building 3,000 Model Y’s in a single week this December.

Tesla took to Twitter to celebrate the major milestone for the factory, which annualized out equates to an impressive production capacity of 156,000 vehicles nine months after opening.

Giga Berlin reached 3,000 Model Y’s per week with just weeks left in the year. That is below the 5,000 units per week that Tesla was hoping the factory would reach by the end of 2022, but it is before the factory has started operating on a three shift system.

That three shift system, which will give the factory 24 hours of production, should start in January, as we have previously reported. The factory has slowly ramped up over 2022, and the addition of the third shift will be the latest positive change.

Tesla announced that Giga Berlin hit the two thousand Model Y mark in late September, so the slow and intentional ramp-up of production is working.

In addition to the third shift, Tesla is also expanding the facility. As Drive Tesla reported earlier this month, Giga Berlin got the green light to expand its operations and will soon switch from road-based to rail-based supply logistics.

It will be interesting to track Giga Berlin’s rise over the next few months. With the current rate of production from their four Gigafactories, Fremont, Giga Texas, Giga Berlin, and Giga Shanghai, Tesla is now capable of producing about 40,000 cars every week, or over two million vehicles per year.

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