Germany putting the pressure on fossil fuel industry, wants to set aside 500 million euros for EV charging infrastructure

Last week we told you that Germany will soon begin requiring all gas stations to also provide EV charging stations. Not only that, a new tax was also going to be implemented on purchases of gas guzzling cars.

Now the German government has ratcheted up the pressure on the fossil fuel industry even more, as the German economy ministry wants to set aside 500 million euros to expand EV charging in the country.

According to Reuters, who spoke to two government sources, the money would come from Berlin’s 2.5 billion euro economic stimulus package. The intended group for this expansion of EV infrastructure would be private users, including households and builders.

Of the remaining money in the package, the ministry wants to spend 1.5 billion on expanding battery cell production, as well as 500 million on research and development.

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