German police investigating politically motivated attack on Giga Berlin as power lines cut causing fire

An investigation is underway by German police after the power lines to Giga Berlin were cut early this morning, leading to a small fire.

At around 3:00am this morning authorities responded to reports of a fire about 500 meters from the Giga Berlin construction site. After the small brush fire was extinguished, it became apparent the cables that supply power to the site had been cut.

Giga Berlin fire
Image via Philip Barnstorf /rbb

A spokesperson for local police said the incident was being investigated as a politically motivated attack after a letter claiming responsibility was posted to a radical left-wing website a few hours later.

“On the night of May 25th to 26th, 2021, we cut the power supply for the construction site of the Tesla Giga factory in Grünheide near Berlin by setting fire to six high-voltage cables laid above ground to have. Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social. Our fire stands against the lie of the green automobile.” (via

Fortunately the act did not have an impact on progress at the Giga Berlin construction site and the damage appears to be minor. Local energy supplier Edis said there has been no need to cut power to the site while repairs are made.

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