Canadian EV charging network Chargerquest raises $3.1M to fund expansion


Toronto-based Chargerquest announced this morning it has raised $3.1M to help fund the expansion of their electric vehicle (EV) charging network.

With just a handful of locations in Ontario and British Columbia, Chargerquest plans to use the funds to build out 36 new DC fast charging stations and over 100 new level 2 charging stations across the country.

Chargerquest map
Chargerquest map of current locations

The locations of the new chargers were not revealed, but ChargerQuest founder and CEO Christopher Misch said they will be in prime locations.

“Despite the pandemic, [Chargerquest] persevered and successfully completed our pilot phase in 2020. We are excited about the next phase of business growth which is razor-focused on deploying our charging station assets at some of the very best properties across this great nation and beyond,” he said in a press release.

The company currently offers both level 2 and DC fast charging options, but plugging in is not cheap. According to Chargerquest’s website, level 2 charging costs as much as $5 per hour, while plugging in at a DC fast charger costs $20 per hour.

Chargerquest pricing