German engineering firm registers Giga Bier and Giga Beer trademarks 24 hours before Tesla

On October 9 Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a big, but very low-key announcement at Giga Fest. While on stage talking to fans at the Giga Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair, Musk revealed Tesla’s second alcoholic product – Giga Bier (Giga Beer).

With just a few words and two images of the Cybertruck-inspired bottle, there was no other mention of the upcoming product on Tesla’s website or on their social media accounts.

Tesla GigaBier (GigaBeer) revealed in low-key announcement at Giga Fest

The announcement was so low-key, it might have even caught some Tesla employees off-guard.

Two days after the announcement on October 11, Tesla registered two trademarks for the terms “Giga Bier” and “Giga Beer” with the United States Patent Office (USPTO).

On the same date they filed a similar trademark application in Germany, but it looks like a fast-thinking engineering firm beat them to the punch.

According to a report from the German publication t-online, a civil engineering company by the name of Kabo KG registered the trademarks one day earlier, on October 10.

This doesn’t mean Tesla won’t be able to sell the product under the name Giga Bier in Germany. It just means if they want to, they will have to either purchase it from Kabo KG, or negotiate terms around its use.

If Tesla can’t use the name Giga Bier in Germany, what do you think they should call it? Let us know in the comments below.

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