Tesla will kick owners out of FSD beta program after strikeouts for improper usage

FSD V9 visualizations
Image via @DirtyTesla /Twitter

Tesla began expanding its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta testing program last week, adding about 1,000 owners who had a perfect 100 Safety Score.

Showing they are taking the program seriously and safety is the top priority, the automaker has implemented a strikeout rule that can get you kicked out if you operate the car in a unsafe manner.

According to a copy of an email shared by @WholeMarsBlog on Twitter, Tesla is monitoring the vehicle’s telemetry data for improper usage. If a strikeout occurs, the vehicle is flagged and an email is sent to the owner to notify them of the infraction.

A strikeout is defined as an incident that causes the loss of Autopilot availability. This could be something like taking your eyes off the road to use your phone, or keeping your hands off the steering wheel, either of which requires both an audible and visual warning to notify the driver to pay attention before it happens.

The email explains that this will be the only warning, and failure to abide by it will result in the removal of FSD beta from the vehicle.

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