Former SEC Chair notes Musk’s attacks on SEC are immature and narcissistic

Former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairmen Harvey Pitt did not mince words about Elon Musk’s attacks on the SEC.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Pitt noted that Musk’s attacks on the SEC are immature and narcissistic.

Pitt went on to say that Musk is his own worst enemy in his battle with the SEC.

Mr. Musk hates the SEC, and that is his constitutional right. He does not have to like the SEC. But his tactic of thwarting them, attacking them, and so forth is just plain stupid. It doesn’t get anyone anywhere. It’s childish, it’s immature, and it’s narcissistic. I believe he is his own worst enemy. He is obviously a man of great imagination. He has great ideas and concepts. But he needs to stop acting like a child and start acting like an adult. That is the mistake he continues to make with his dealings with the SEC.

Musk continues to attempt to strip himself of the SEC agreement he made with the commission following the 2018 tweets about taking the company private.

However, as of yet, the SEC has not backed down, nor has Musk won any appeals to the court to remove the conditions of the agreement.

At least say, we know that there will be more to come in the Tesla/Musk vs SEC saga.

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