Ford Mach-E joins Montgomery County Police Department in Maryland

One police department in the United States isn’t waiting for Ford to develop the electric Mach-E Interceptor. Maryland’s Montgomery County officially unveiled their new Mach-E police cruiser over the weekend.

The electric police car was unveiled Saturday at the Poolesville Day 2021 event as part of National Drive Electric Week.

Montgomery County went with the Mach-E Select, the rear-wheel drive (RWD) base model variant of the electric SUV. It comes equipped with a 68kWh battery pack which is good enough for up to 230 miles (370km) of range on a full charge.

Image via Poolesville Green

The Mach-E is replacing the department’s gas-burning all-wheel drive (AWD) SUV that is traditionally selected for their fleet.

The purchase is one of the first steps in helping Montgomery County achieve their Climate Action Plan, which is one of the most ambitious in the US. The county is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emission 80% by 2027, and by 100% in 2035.

Last week it was announced Ford has developed a special police Interceptor edition of the Mach-E for the Michigan State Police to test.

The automaker is also currently trialing the Mach-E as a police car in the United Kingdom. The test car has already been put through its paces by the Metropolitan Police Force, with another 7 PDs waiting for their turn.

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