First crash tested Cybertrucks spotted in California

As the number of Cybertruck sightings has grown exponentially in recent weeks, a pair of Cybertrucks that have already undergone crash testing have been spotted in California.

Over the last few weeks, and in particular the last week or so, Cybertrucks have been spotted on cargo trucks across the US, from California to as far east as Ohio. While we know nine of those Cybertrucks were destined for the Fremont factory, it appeared as though several others were on their way for crash testing based on markings on the windows.

Now another two Cybertrucks have been spotted in California, and what makes this sighting significant is that they appear to have already been crash tested.

A photo and video of the pair of Cybertrucks was shared on X by @greggertruck, and while Tesla was trying to conceal them, the car covers revealed just enough to show us what these Cybertrucks had been up to.

The most telling giveaway was the red and white checkered tape used in crash testing on the side of the Cybertruck. There also appeared to be some damage to the front end with some plastic trim pieces from around the wheel and the front bumper missing, although the damage looks quite minimal compared to what we usually see with front end crash tests.

Interestingly, this red and white tape was not seen on the side of the Cybertruck in the video Tesla released in April that almost showed it crashing into a wall at their in-house Crash Lab. That video didn’t actually show the point of impact, with each shot cutting off just as the Cybertruck came within inches of the wall.

All of the recent Cybertruck activity is pointing to the first deliveries happening very soon. Elon Musk has previously said a special delivery event would hopefully take place before the end of Q3, meaning that event could be taking place in the next six or so weeks.

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