Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System to cost under $4,000

After a few months of speculation, we finally have some insight into the cost of Ford’s F-150 Lightning Home Integration System that will allow owners to use the electric pickup truck as a source of backup power for their home.

Matt Stover, Ford’s Director of Charging and Energy Services, let the cat out of the bag in a LinkedIn post last week (via InsideEVs).

According to the post, users can buy the Home Integration System directly through Sunrun for $3,895.

The system consists of an inverter, transfer switch and a small battery. When operational, the system will power the home temporarily while your power is out.

However, you also need a Ford F-150 Lightning and a Ford Charge Station Pro for the system to work. The Station Pro comes standard with all F-150 Lightning sold with the Extended Range battery pack.

You can buy the Station Pro for $1,310 from any Ford dealer for those who opted for the Standard Range battery pack.

The $3,895 for the Home Integration System does not include installation, but users can either use Sunrun or any other installation contractor.

The system pumps out 9.6 kW to the home and should be able to power your home over several days as long as the F-150 Lightning is fully charged.

Via an app, users will be able to control when the system engages and restrict how low the system can drain the battery on the vehicle.

Sunrun has not listed the product pricing on their website as of yet.

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