FLO partners with WiTricity and Hubject to advance wireless charging and Plug & Charge technology

FLO, a Quebec based EV charging company, has partnered with WiTricity and Hubject to advance wireless charging and Plug & Charge technology.

Wireless Charging with WiTricity

In a bid to provide the ultimate charging experience, FLO is conducting wireless EV charging technology tests at its engineering lab in collaboration with WiTricity. FLO is exploring options to enable FLO charging stations to recharge EVs without the need for cables, utilizing the WiTricity Halo EV charging system.

WiTricity is one of the industry leaders in wireless charging for electric vehicles, spearheading magnetic resonance technology adoption across passenger and commercial vehicles.

“FLO is committed to support all types of connectors available on vehicles in North America, including NACS and potentially wireless on future vehicles. This collaboration is an important first step towards this new technology,” said Nathan Yang, FLO Chief Product Officer.

Plug & Charge with Hubject

FLO is also working with Hubject to implement Plug & Charge functionality across its next-generation product lineup, compatible with all EVs on the road. Plug & Charge simplifies the charging process, allowing EV drivers to plug in and start charging without requiring an app, RFID card, or separate payment method, much like a Tesla owners’ experience at a Supercharger. Hubject and FLO are collaborating on encryption technology to ensure seamless and secure transactions.

“Plug & Charge is an important feature for EV drivers to charge quickly and securely and for charging station owners looking for NEVI funding. Hubject will help FLO bring this feature to market on our all-new FLO Ultra fast charger, which enters production early next year,” Yang said.

The FLO Ultra can charge most EVs to 80 per cent within fifteen minutes with its powerful 320kW output. It is scheduled to be available starting in 2024, with shipments beginning sometime next year.

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