FLO introduces its FLO Ultra 320kW/500kW DC fast charger

FLO has introduced its latest ultra-fast DC fast charger, the FLO Ultra. The FLO Ultra can charge most EVs to 80 per cent within fifteen minutes with its powerful 320kW output when using dynamic power sharing. While if it is connected with other chargers, it can reach up to 500kW.

The new charger also includes a new motorized cable management system which will help reduce the potential for damage and strain on the cable and vehicle. In addition, the FLO Ultra will have an independent touchscreen that can support flexible and secure payment options at every EV charger.

“EV demand and sales are topping all industry expectations and are now forecasted to exceed more than 45% of U.S. light duty vehicle sales by 2030. As new EV drivers hit the road, they will be looking for fast charging that is safe, accessible, convenient, intuitive and reliable. This is why we designed FLO Ultra – to provide the ultimate EV charging experience,” said Nathan Yang, FLO Chief Product Officer.

FLO offers two configurations for the FLO Ultra, including a pull-in and pull-through configuration, depending on the needs of the space.

For potential American customers, the charger will also meet the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program minimum standards and can be used as part of the program for federal funding.

As well for those who are looking for the maximum coverage. FLO is also providing an optional FLO Performance Warranty, which guarantees a minimum of 98 per cent uptime for all covered chargers.

The FLO Ultra will be available starting in 2024, with shipments beginning sometime next year.

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