Tesla’s Labour Dispute in Sweden Escalates as Finnish Union and Danish Pension Fund Join the Fray

The battle between Tesla and Nordic trade unions has intensified, leading to a series of legal and labour disputes that now involve a Finnish union and a Danish pension fund. The conflict, which began in Sweden over collective bargaining agreements, has escalated into a broader Nordic movement that now includes Denmark, Norway, and Finland.

In a recent ruling, a Swedish court sided with the country’s postal service, PostNord, stating that it is not obligated to deliver license plates to Tesla amid the ongoing strike by mechanics affiliated with Swedish union IF Metall.

Adding to Tesla’s challenges, the Finnish transport workers’ union AKT has announced its participation in a sympathy strike against Tesla. Starting December 20, AKT plans to block Tesla vehicles from entering Sweden by implementing a blockade in all Finnish ports. (via Bloomberg)

This move, coupled with similar decisions by dockworkers in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, effectively prevents Tesla from shipping its cars to Sweden.

The Nordic countries have a strong tradition of collective agreements in the labour market, and the solidarity among unions is evident in their joint efforts against Tesla’s refusal to sign such agreements. Despite Tesla’s assertion that its staff already enjoys favorable terms, the unions argue for the importance of adhering to the Nordic labour market model.

In a related development, PensionDanmark, one of Denmark’s largest pension funds, has decided to sell its holdings in Tesla in response to the company’s refusal to engage in collective bargaining. The decision reflects a growing sentiment among Nordic investors, as labour unions in Norway and Denmark join the movement to block transit shipments of Tesla cars destined for the Swedish market.

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