Rivian is the sole EV-only company to still outsource its electric motors

According to new data, Rivian is the only EV-only automaker still outsourcing its electric motors.

The data released by IHS Markit looked at both EV-only automakers and traditional automakers going into the EV space.

As per the analysis, only three automakers fully outsourced their electric drive unit sourcing. Those three automakers are General Motors, Rivian and Suzuki.

While on the other side, only three automakers used 100 per cent insourced electric drive units. Those automakers were Tesla, Lucid, and BYD.

We should also note that Geely is on the chart as mostly outsourced. However, as per announcements from both Volvo and Polestar about taking motor development in-house, we should see that switch over the next few years.

Interestingly, General Motors will continue to outsource the building of power units but will design its next-generation of engines in-house.

Engine development has long been a source of pride within the auto world. For internal combustion engines, practically all automakers are 100 per cent insource. However, as the switch to EV came up quickly for some, it is not surprising that outsourcing is as popular as it is.

Although there is no data to suggest either insourcing or outsourcing is better in the EV space. IHS Markit predicts that most companies will look to increase insourcing over the next decade.

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Source: Green Car Reports

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