Lucid rushes to grab failed Fisker’s Ocean trademark

Fisker might have filed for bankruptcy this week, but it appears the Ocean moniker for an electric vehicle may stick around, except not in the way you might expect. As the world waited for the floundering company to announce its bankruptcy, rival EV maker Lucid got busy and quietly filed for a trademark for the “Ocean” label, with all indications suggesting Lucid wants to slap it on its own EV.

Apparently, Lucid had been eyeing the Ocean label and is jumping at the chance to finally own it. The EV startup submitted paperwork for a Class 12 trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a few weeks before Fisker, whose only model that has now become infamous on the market was named Ocean, initiated bankruptcy proceedings. (h/t: @JeffTutorials)

Lucid Ocean trademark application courtesy of the USPTO

According to the filing submitted on May 30th, Lucid wants to use the name to market a product that falls in the trademark category of “vehicles, devices, machines, and apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water.” If that is not enough proof of Lucid’s intentions, the application adds that the product would be an “electrically powered automobile,” aka EV.

Lucid went a step further by listing other potential EV names, including the not-so-unrelated “Lucid Earth.” Bear in mind that Lucid has the “Air” model, making the elements-related monikers less surprising.

Lucid, however, is not promised a smooth ride here. While Fisker may have ceased doing business, it might still have rights to the name as it has been trademarked already. The application is still pending.

Just which of its upcoming electric cars will get the name is a good topic for debate. Lucid’s upcoming SUV’s name Gravity is set in stone, barring any major surprise. However, the luxury EV maker has promised a less expensive model that will start around the $48,000 mark. So perhaps their fans might start getting used to the “Lucid Ocean” appellation.

Lucid, however, seems undaunted by all the negative press and feeling the Fisker Ocean generated, from multiple safety investigations to being blasted by popular YouTuber MKBHD as the worst car he ever reviewed.

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