New 18″ Aero wheels spotted on Project Highland Tesla Model 3

A Tesla Model 3 that is part of Project Highland has been spotted for the first time with a new and updated wheel design that will come with the impending refresh of the electric sedan.

The sighting comes from resident Tesla spotters The Kilowatts, who were able to capture a black Model 3 with the same front and rear camouflage that we have been seeing more of over the last couple of months. The camouflage is suspected to be hiding some design changes on the front and rear bumpers, with many speculating new cameras have been added (although recent information suggests otherwise).

One thing that Tesla hasn’t tried to cover on previous sightings are the wheels as they were all outfitted with the same wheels available on their cars today. However in today’s sighting we get to see the new 18″ Aero wheels that will come with the refresh design.

We first reported on these new wheels last year, but in order to protect the identity of our source we could not publish the photos. Here is how we described them at the time.

“…the new 18″ and 19″ wheels is that they are both finished in matte black, as opposed to the gray and silver used for the current wheels. The 18″ wheel design is similar to the current Aero wheels, but the spokes come out of the center of the wheel at more of an angle than they do now.”

Based on these photos shared by The Kilowatts we can confirm this is the same design we saw last year, although they were in much better condition than these are. We can also confirm that these wheels are missing a larger center cap, but we have yet to see if the aero cover has also been updated in its design.

Tesla has also updated the design of the 19″ wheels. Much like the updated design for the 18″ wheels, the new 19″ wheels are also similar to the current design, but the spokes are not as “flat” and are more similar to the first generation Sport wheels in that respect.

Do you spot anything else interesting with this Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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