First drone flyover of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin shows how massive the site is

When Gigafactory Shanghai was built over the past 9 months, there were seemingly daily updates on the progress from local Tesla fans who would fly their drones over the construction site. These drone videos were able to capture some interesting things, like the first views of made-in-China Model 3’s emerging from the factory.

Now the first drone footage from the proposed future site of the new Gigafactory in Berlin has emerged. When Tesla CEO Elon Musk first announced the location as being near the airport in Berlin after winning Germany’s Mid-Size Car of the Year award, there were concerns the proximity to the airport’s flying space would restrict the ability for drones to fly over the site.

Initial reports have indicated that Gigafactory Berlin will be building Tesla’s upcoming Model Y crossover. But before that can happen, Tesla needs to come to terms with the current land owners to acquire the site. Tesla has reportedly agreed with the landowners on a price for the 300 hectares of space and is currently in negotiation on the withdrawal clause of the contract, according to Bild.

Gigafactory Berlin will reportedly begin construction as soon as next month.

Hopefully this will be the first of many flyovers we see over the coming months of the construction of Gigafactory Berlin.

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