You may soon be able to drive to Jasper Alberta in your Tesla, as council considers proposal to install Tesla Superchargers

Jasper could soon see a big increase in the number of public EV chargers available in the town, as a proposal from Tesla and others is recommending installing 12 new fast chargers.

The town currently has 5 publicly available Level 2 chargers located at the local library, and Sawridge and Jasper Park Lodge. Given its location in the middle of the Rockies, five Level 2 charger is not enough for both local residents, and those wanting to travel to or through Jasper in their EVs. With this proposal, Jasper Town Council is hoping to “put the town on the map for EV routes and travel corridors as an EV stop and refill location, attracting [more] business to the town.

The proposal calls for 8 Tesla Superchargers and 4 Level 2 (J1772) chargers to be located on a municipal parking lot across from the Robinsons AG Foods store on Connaught Dr. The equipment would be installed by Tesla, and would remain for 15 years, at which time the agreement can be renewed. Tesla would also bear all the costs of the monthly transmission and equipment capital, estimated to be approximately $10,000 per month.

A decision by Jasper Town Council is expected during the next meeting on January 7th. If this is something you support, head on over to the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta’s Facebook page and comment on their thread. All responses will be provided to Council to assist them in approving the proposal.

You can read the full meeting minutes here.

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