Elon Musk offers new details on the Cybertruck

Cybertruck camping

Since the official unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck last month, more details about the truck have begun to emerge on Twitter, as Elon Musk responds to fan questions. His latest Twitter salvo offers a bit of a glimpse about the capabilities of the Cybertruck.

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The question was posed by LeX Acevedo, who asked Musk if the Cybertruck Vault, when closed, would have access to the HVAC system of the truck. Musk responded with a simple “Yes”. This would allow owners to maintain a certain temperature in the Vault, allowing for an expanded list of uses for the truck bed, such as using it as a bed while camping or road-tripping.

Musk was also asked if there would be access to the Vault via the cabin of the Cybertruck behind the 2nd row seats, and if the Cybertruck would have the bio-defense filter system like the Model S and Model X. Musk responded with a “probably” for Vault access from the second row, and “partially” in response to the bio-defense filter.

Whatever features and accessories the Cybertruck comes with, initial reservation numbers show it could become the best-selling vehicle for Tesla when deliveries begin in late 2021.

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