Tesla launches Model Y Long Range in Japan and Australia while cutting prices in Australia on the 3 and Y


Tesla announced that the Model Y Long Range is coming to Japan and Australia. The Model Y Long Range in Australia starts at $81,900. While in Japan, the vehicle will start at 6,760,700 Yen.

Based on Tesla’s online Design Studio, the first Model Y Long Range vehicles will be in Japan and Australia by late May or June, with the vehicles coming from Giga Shanghai.

Tesla took to Twitter to announce the Model Y Long Range in Japan.

In addition, to the launch of the Model Y Long Range, Tesla also announced that they would be slashing prices for the 2023 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in Australia.

Here are the exact price changes on the vehicles in Australia: (via Drive)

Vehicle New Price (In Aus $) Difference
Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive $60,900 $3,400
Model 3 Long Range AWD $73,900 $3,400
Model 3 Performance AWD $87,495 $4,420
Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive $68,900 $400
Model Y Long Range AWD $81,900 None (New)
Model Y Performance AWD $97,895 $520

This is the 19th time Tesla has changed the Tesla Model 3 pricing since introducing the vehicle to the country in 2019.

Interestingly, Tesla is one of the first brands in Australia to introduce price cuts in 2023. So, it will certainly be something to track in terms of how the price cuts affect overall sales of the already popular vehicles moving forward.

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